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In a nutshell, Youlosophy is a Personal Innovation Lab. We develop products and services to help people become their best versions and achieve any goal. We have an online store that offers personalized workbooks for youlosophers of all ages. Our mission is to inspire everyone, everywhere to be all that they can be.

We have made this a very simple (and actually quite fun) process. Just browse our catalog, enter the name of the person that will receive the book, and we will take care of the rest. In most cases you may also write a heartfelt dedication message, as well as indicate the gender of the recipient and more. The result is a one of a kind, unbeatable gift that will be cherished and kept forever. All books are hardcover, printed on high-quality paper and delivered straight to any address around the globe.

Just pick the product you wish to personalize, enter the name of the reader, pick some other optional customizable elements, enter a personal dedication, and tap the red button to make magic happen. We will sow it all together and you will be able to preview the book you just created before you buy it. Once every detail is meets your expectations simply add the book to the shopping cart, enter your payment information and tap the order botton. Our printing machines will get to work immediately and our speedy worlwide mail service will get order delivered in just a few days.

Most of our workbooks cost around $29.95, and we also offer them in digital (PDF) format at around $ 19.95. You can also save 15% when you get 2 or more personalized book withthe offer code SAVE15.

While the Youlosophy team is spread all over the world, our headquarters (and our heart) are based in sunny Barcelona, Spain. Come visit us when in town!

You can get in touch with Customer Support easily by: Filling in our Contact Form. Emailing us directly at info@youlosophy.com. Our team provides personalized support from Monday to Friday, and do their absolute best to reply to all enquires as quickly as possible. Please be patient if you don’t hear back from us right away :-)

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