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The Book of Gay Joy

Celebrate Gay Pride personalizing and gifting our latest 21-day workbook!

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Our best selling titles

Let's Create a Book!

Since 2018 we develop award-winning self-development programs tailored to each person's particular goals. Give our Book Maker a try! Enter a name, pick a goal, fine-tune the details, and change someone's life (or your own!).

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Yes, You Can!

Youlosophy is the leading platform of personalized self-development programs. Our mission is to help you focus on your goals and build a life you truly love. Since 2018 our plans have ignited the Best Life in people all around the world.

Are you up to the challenge?
keep calm cover

Learn to relax, even these days!

RightThis 21-day challenge will walk you through mindulness, guided meditations, healthy eating, yoga, and much more. Everybody you know would *love* a copy of this!

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The Earth Needs You!

A 21-day challenge that will make you an environmental hero. 

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Go Vegan Book Cover

Join the Vegan Revolution!

The ultimate 21-day challenge to make the switch to a cruelty-free lifestyle.

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Who Needs a Little Motivation?  

We all do, these days. Our workbooks are the starting point for creating a life you truly love.
Pick a book and personalize it to create a gift that everybody will cherish.
And don't forget to get one for yourself too! Read more about our workbooks.

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An Ode to Joy!

Things are tough now, but they will get better. This workbook is the ideal companion for anyone feeling a bit down. It includes a 21-day program to to develop sustainable habits and make a positive impact. 

from $ 9.95 Personalize Me

Go Vegan!

Improving your diet is a failproof path to a happier life. This 21-day challenge will help you or someone you know make the switch to a plant-based diet and a cruelty-free lifestyle.

from $ 9.95 Personalize Me
Keep Calm

Keep Calm

Our 2020 best-seller! This personalized workbook takes you from Arghhh to Ohm in 21 days or less. Mindfulness, positivity, guided meditation and so much more

from $ 9.95 Personalize Me
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Save the Planet!

This workbook includes a 21-day challenge to develop sustainable habits and make a positive impact. Packed with experts'-written activities that are easy to incorporate to your daily life.

from $ 9.95 Personalize Me

You Are SUPER!

They say Crisis equals Opportunity. This workbook helps you assess every area in your life and ignite the superhero in you. Are you ready? 

from $ 9.95 Coming April 2021
Keep Calm

Design your Book

Pick a goal, enter a name, add a dedication note. Preview the book and we will take care of the rest. This is the one gift everyone needs in 2021!

from $ 9.95 Pick a Goal

Buy one for yourself and another for someone you love

A Youlosophy workbook is everything you need to ignite your Best Self

A Custom 21-day challenge

We focus on the first 21 days of building a new habit (but we'll stay with you afterwards, we promise). Schedule the exercises anyway you please during these 3 weeks!

Experts' designed activities

Browse through dozens of simple exercises that can be easily incorporated to your daily routine. 

Make it yours!

Your workbook is just a canvas, a framework of ideas and suggestions that becomes truly powerful when you grab a pen and fill in all the blanks. 

Expansion packs

Once you are done with your first workbook, you will want more (trust us). All workbooks come with free extensions that can be downloaded from the Youlosophers' club.

Keep track of your growth

Change can move mountains, but it can also be subtle that it's hard to notice. Make use of our included growth trackers to keep focused and motivated at all times.

Reflection area

We open and close each workbook with a series of exercises to help you identify where you stand at each given moment.

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Fully customizable contents 

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A gift that says "I care for you"

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Written by specialists

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See results in 21 days


Personalized a "Book of Joy"

"The one gift you can't go wrong with"


Personalized a "Save the Planet"

"My order arrived in a few days, and my boyfriend was thrilled with his workbook!"


Personalized a "Book of Inner Peace"

"I bought one for my sister and after she received it I had to get one for myself"


Personalized a "Super!"

"Youlosophy has helped me fall back in love with myself. I am forever a fan".


Personalized a "Happiness Journal"

"I didn't think I needed a bullet journal until I bought one. Now this is the present I buy for all my friends and family"


Personalized a "Keep Calm" and "Eat Well, Feel Well"

"It's the little details that make Youlosophy's books stand out from the rest. I love my personalized trackers!"

Design the Perfect Book in 4 Steps 

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(STEP 1) Take our Discover test or select the Skills you would like to focus on. 

We can suggest some popular plans based on gender, age and other personal data.

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(STEP 2) Enter a name to be inserted in the book. 

If this is a gift (which we promise people will cherish forever), you may add a personal dedication note.

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(STEP 3) Our Book Maker will put a 100% custom-made plan together in a matter of seconds.

You can preview the whole book and fine-tune any details before placing your order.

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(STEP 4) Select between an eBook or a printed, premium-quality book which we will print and deliver anywhere in the world in a few days.

Each book includes name personalization on the cover and several inside pages, as well as a carefully caurated selection of activities designed by experts and beautifully illustrated.

About Youlosophy

Who is Youlosophy?

Good question. Youlosophy means "the philosophy of You" and it spun from the idea that it's about time we ask ourselves who we are and what we truly want. With this concept in mind, Youlosophy started developing self-development workshops, which soon evolved into our copyrighted "DARE" methodology and were translated into our flagship "Super" series of personalized coaching workbooks (now available in 6 languages with worldwide delivery).

Youlosophy is now the world's leading platform of personalized self-development content. We partner with experts in several disciplines to bring you products that are guaranteed to ignite your Best Self. 

Since 2018 our best-selling books have helped people all over the world focus on the goals and tasks to build a life they truly love. Our mission is to inspire people everywhere to be all that they can be, one personalized program at a time. 

How do I make a personalized book? 

Browse our collection of 30+ personalized books or just use our Book Wizard where you can build the perfect book for yourself or anyone you love. All you need to create the most unique book ever is to add the reader's name and a heartfelt dedication message. Our technology will instantly pull the best possible content from our experts' database and put together a unique custom self-development program which can be downloaded immediately as an eBook or printed on high-quality paper and delivered straight to your front door anywhere on Earth!

How do I place an order with Youlosophy?

Simply decide which custom book you’d like to create, then add a name and some other profile details, and write a personal dedication to make it all your own. Tap the red button, and you’ll be able to preview your entire book before you buy. Once you’re happy with every detail, enter your payment information and tap the order button. Your personalized book will arrive on your doorstep in a matter of few days.

How much are Youlosophy books? 

Our printed books cost between $9.90 and $29.90, depending on the title and the format you choose to create. We offer our books in an original softcover format and a slightly pricier hardcover format, which makes for a perfect keepsake. 

The best bit about our pricing? We have different promos running so check out our discounts and coupons page to see our latest book offer.

Why are your workbooks such unique gifts?

First of all, because these days everybody needs some hope. Life has gotten more challenging than ever for people all over the world, and the best gift you can give anyone is to believe in them and help them reignite their hopes and dream. 

We think there’s nothing more heart-warming than getting a book with your name on it! By addressing each reader personally, our books have been proved to increase engagement and commitment, leading to an astonishing 87% increase in the success of our personal-growth plans. 

Where is Youlosophy based?

Wonderbly HQ is located in magical Barcelona, Spain. But thanks to the power of the internet our books are available to buy worldwide! We ship books to over 150 countries and also offer an instant downloads of eBooks.

How do I contact Youlosophy?

You can easily reach our friendly team of Customer Support Gurus by:
Filling in our Contact Form
Emailing us directly at hello@youlosophy.com

Our team of Gurus provides personalized support from Monday to Friday, working as quickly as possible to answer all of your questions. If you've not heard back straight away, please don't fret - rest assured, they answer every message sent!

Read more about our History and the DARE Methodology.

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