Do Good (it's easy)

Do Good (it's easy)

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• Say something positive to someone. Call a loved one, send an email, or just give them a message when you pass them on your way to work.

• Offer to go shopping for your neigh- bors.
• Tidy up at home, separate what you no longer use and donate it to those who need it more.

• Offer to buy coffee or lunch for a co-worker or someone in need.
Pick up trash you find on the street or in nature.


• Recycle. A small ges- ture that will bring you happiness and satisfac- tion while taking care of the planet and those of us who live on it.

• Volunteer. Society benefits from your altruistic action and your personal development soars.

• Do compassionate meditation. This is a Buddhist meditation technique for cultivating warm feelings toward yourself and others.

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