Drink Kombucha

Drink Kombucha

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• To learn more about kombucha, read this. Do more research if you need to.
• Find a store that sells kombucha tea and try it.

• Dare to try some more. Get a SCOBY and make it yourself at home. Its taste is controversial, but its health effects are amazing.


Kombucha is an infusion prepared with fermented SCOBY, a symbiosis of yeast and bacteria. As it is a probiotic, it is ideal for repopulating the intestinal flora and improving di- gestion. As if that weren't enough, it improves the immune system, provides antioxidants, and helps the liver detoxify. If the taste of kombucha doesn't suit you or you can't get it easily, water kefir is quite similar, as well as sauer- kraut, which has an even greater diversity of micro- organisms. It is important to try them all.


Recent studies confirm the detoxifying benefits of kombucha and attribute it to the glucuronic acid, resulting from the fermentation of the drink. This acid binds with various toxins to promote their expulsion from our bodies. Those who drink it regularly claim that these effects are quickly seen in the quality of their skin and hair.

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