Enough Sweetness

Enough Sweetness

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• Clean up the kitchen. Get rid of all sugar, including cereal bars that pretend to be “light”, diet juices, and chocolate bars hid- den around.

• Throw away artificial sweeteners and limit the consumption of natural sweeteners (aga- ve or honey.) Try adding cinnamon to your coffee.

• Eliminate all carbonated beverages. It's as simple as that. Forget them.
• Start reading labels on everything you consume. Get ready for a shock. Follow SinAzucar.org on Instagram.

• Limit your alcoholic beverages to two drinks a week (and choose light alcohols.)


• Dopamine receptors increase significantly on high-sugar diets, that's why it becomes so addic- tive.

• Sugar produces "reward deficiency syndrome," meaning you need more and more stimulation to enjoy the sensation.

• As with drugs, sugar is a substance sought to relieve pain, depression, and anxiety.

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