Exercise Gratitude

Exercise Gratitude

It has been scientifically proven that gratitude is essential for happiness. That's why this capsule cannot be ignored.

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• Write down what you are grateful for in detail. Think about the person you have become. Who or what do you want to thank?

• What are the things in your life that you are grateful for? Think about the places you have lived, the experiences you had as a child, etc.

• Identify three people to express grat- itude to today (even if they are not on your list above.)
• Express your gratitude via email, social media, text message, or in person — whichever you prefer.

• Live a full day being mindful of all that is happening and the things that make it possible.
• If you want, you can list them to help remember them when you need them again.

• Express your gratitude for all the peo- ple and events that happen during those 24 hours.


• Be grateful for the bad things too. Acknowledging that not everything is rosy is important to put things in perspective.

• Take a few minutes to start the day with grati- tude. Close your eyes and in the silence of your mind, just be grateful. This is a foolproof technique to start the day off right.

• Try to redirect negative thoughts and see difficul- ties as an opportunity to grow and learn.

• Be grateful when you are praised and don't turn it down, you deserve it! Accepting compliments is also a sign of gratitude to those who have taken the time to say nice things to you.

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