Locate your Blind Spots

Locate your Blind Spots

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• Start by paying attention to your reactions (e.g. who or what makes you angry?)
• For a week, write down any situations or people that upset or sadden you. Keeping a record of your most extreme emotions is a great starting point to discover your blind spots.

• Ask yourself the right questions. What are the things you don't want to accept? The answers that come up may be varied and perhaps difficult to digest. Don't let it get you down if this happens, you've spotted one of your hidden weakness- es and you're ready to start working through it!


Let's say you are perfectly imperfect. Recognizing this will make it easier to eliminate some blind spots.

Practice mindfulness. Inner balance is essential to managing your feel- ings about things that are out of your control. Learn to distance yourself from problems, both yours and others. You will be able to handle all kinds of complex situations with objectivity.


We believe that things are as we perceive them be- cause we are not used to rethinking our thoughts. Discovering your emotional blind spots will allow you to analyze your environment with objectivity and to work without prejudice in the areas of your life that you feel you need to improve.

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