Introducing the “Philosophy of You”

The origin story of our company is a sad one -- most origin stories are however if you think of Batman or Bambi -- but *spoiler alert* it did get better. Our story starts with a 40-year-old guy who had what everyone -- including himself -- saw as the perfect family, ideal friends, a designer home, and a dream job, but he decided to move abroad and risk it all. Why? Because he felt that there was more of life waiting for him, and he was still too young to settle for less than “awesome”. 

He asked himself, “What would you do if you could write the next chapter of your life with absolute freedom, no one to respond to but yourself, nothing to fulfill except your own dreams?” We spend most of our lives doing what others expect of us. Or even worse, what we think they expect, which turns out not to be true most of the time. So, what would he achieve and who would he become without society holding him back?

The protagonist of this brief tale soon discovered he could not answer these questions. He didn’t know what he expected from himself outside of society’s expectations. Nonetheless, our dude knew this version of himself wasn't good for his health, and that he had to evolve. He eventually realized that this crisis was giving him an opportunity (he really should have seen this coming, there are even bumper stickers with this piece of wisdom these days) to overcome his years of confusion and emerge as a new person who is radiating with authenticity. He had to revisit every aspect of his life and cast a shadow of doubt on everything he used to hold sacred, to eventually feel the warmth of new dreams coming to life. Everything in his life started making sense after his confusion was washed with clarity on what he wanted and who he desired to be. Life began to flow easier and faster, as the protagonist learned to appreciate himself and life. And that’s when Youlosophy was born, as a “lab for personal innovation”, with the sole mission of triggering inner searches of purpose and empowering people to dream big again. 

Excitingly, we have hosted some quite eclectic events, such as “Meditation Drinks”, “Sex, Yoga and Rock’n Roll”, “Meet, Click and Eat”, and our favorite event “Resolutions Bootcamp” in the past as a growing company. Youlosophy has collaborated with experts from a wide array of disciplines, in addition to artists, athletes, and full-time dreamers. Aiming to reach different audiences beyond our backyards, we collected our meaningful work and published them.  

Youlosophy is the result of our protagonist’s journey and the hopeful beginning of yours. Everybody starts someplace and walks with a different, unique, and fantastic style. Some people choose to fine-tune their entire life all at once, while others focus on a few goals one at a time to improve their lives. There are those who prefer traditional books, those who enjoy workbooks more, and others that fancy diaries and planners. No matter the differences, we are all human beings ready to learn and try something new, thus becoming better for ourselves and for the world we live in. 

We are all youlosophers