Take a look inside!

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Personalize a 21-day challenge with the activities you select.

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Read the theory, plunge into action, see what happens next.

What’s inside...?

Room for thought

You will find thought-triggering questions and plenty of room to write down your ideas, record your impressions of each activity, or just doodle as your mind roams freely.

The sound of happiness

Listen to our carefully curated playlists while going through the activities on our workbooks

Recipe factory

Create your own personal blends and recipes, then use our templates to record them.

Expansion packs

Once you are done with your first workbook, you will want more (trust us). All workbooks come with free extensions that can be downloaded from the Youlosophers' club.

Keep track of your growth

Change can move mountains, but it can also be subtle that it's hard to notice. Make use of our included growth trackers to keep focused and motivated at all times.

Reflection area

We open and close each workbook with a series of exercises to help you identify where you stand at each given moment.

Focus on the positive!

  • While we cannot put an end to the pandemic, we can decide to remain optimistic and make the best of these challenging times. This free workbook will help you stay strong every day.

  • They say change means opportunity. So why not make this an opportunity to become your best self ever? 

  • Why not try a vegan diet for a couple of weeks? Even if you don't make it a permanent lifestyle change, you will feel incredibly healthy. Or take the time at home to practice new stress-busting techniques? 

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