Heal Your Broken Heart

A 21-Day personalized Journal with science-based challenges and journaling prompts.

Signs you’re Stuck In a Breakup Loop:

  • The pain is so strong it’s hurting other areas of your life
  • You continue to mourn over unmet needs
  • Time alone isn’t doing the trick
  • You can’t stand the idea of being single again
  • You don’t feel like socializing, even if it’s been a while since you broke up
  • The feelings of anger, resentment or guilt are so strong they block any progress from happening

Benefits of the Breakup Program

  • Identify the components of your pain
  • Put things in perspective
  • Change your perception and rewrite the narrative
  • Strengthen your self-esteem
  • Feel empowered to transform grief into growth
  • Forgive yourself and your ex
  • Restructure your daily life and habits

"Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened."

— Dr. Seuss

Program contents


Decide for yourself

The 90 day detox challenge

Take precautionary meassures

Don't fall into social media

Make a post

Avoid temptation

Choose your support


Ground yourself in the earth

Take a moment

Start to heal

Practice acts of kindness

Indulge in what you love

Why did you break up?

Why did you keep going?


What have you really lost?

Learn from your pain

Because you're worth it

Learn to be alone

Trust and let go

Forgive yourselves

Wish them the best

Your 10 commandments of love



Take a look inside!

The workbook includes illustrated daily challenges and journaling prompts, to keep you motivated and inspired all the way. Add a name on the cover and a personal note inside!

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Personalize your workbook (with a name and personal dedication note)

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Get your program and read the instructions

Tackle one challenge a day, for 3 weeks. (Most take 5-10 minutes)

Complete a guided journaling page every day

Take a self-assessment check-in every week

Finish your program. Feel better than ever!

Neuroscience, to rewire your brain and build positive habits

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, to replace any limiting beliefs

Positive Psychology, to practice gratitude and kindness

The challenges take 5-10 minutes. The benefits last a lifetime.

Daily challenges promote growth, and journaling encourages introspection

New inspiring quotes and positive affirmations every day

Practice gratitude and develop a positive, abundant mindset

Read Our Reviews

A daily reminder to love yourself

I love the book, it is a good support for those who want to focus more on their needs and positive activities. It supports me in my daily self-care.
Debbie, Oxford

Great for myself and a great gift

I am super excited about the guided journals! I highly recommend them. I got one for myself and one for my sister, and we both feel a boost in our self-confidence levels
Martha, London

I just didn't like who I was

This programme helped me take a step back and reflect on myself. The daily quotes and affirmations totally transformed my mindset.
Richard, Dublin

Stop doubting yourself!

This plan helped me overcome my constant self-criticism. I finally see the worth in what I do without wanting to be perfect all the time
Felicity, Brighton

This program includes science-backed methods featured in:


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