21 Days to Fall in love with Yourself - Hardcover
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Discover the power of Gratitude

  • Develop the habit that will change your life
  • Improve your relationships, your health and boost your overall happiness
  • The ultimate journaling tool
  • Backed by neuroscientists, loved by thousands worldwide
  • Promotes optimism and an abundance mindset

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Practicing gratitude consistently helps rewire your brain to focus on what you already have in your life, instead of what you think you lack. “90 Days of Gratitude” helps you develop this powerful habit through daily journaling prompts and inspirational quotes.


of adults 25-55 in a recent study claimed they felt no motivation to wake up in the morning and go through their day.


of people who completed this program said they felt their overall happiness levels increase.


responded they aimed to keep their gratitude practice going for as long as they could.


90 unique gratitude challenges


Only 5 minutes per day required


87% felt happier after the first month

Each of your journal’s 90 days include:

  • A unique gratitude prompt to keep the habit-building interesting
  • An inspirational quote about the power of Gratitude
  • The 3G: your space to pick the three things (or people) you’re most grateful for everyday

“Think of a Youlosophy program as a workout for your mind and your soul”

Patrick Denevieve

We recommend you get this journal today if you suffer from:

Excessive self-consciousness

You tend to focus on your negative points

Strong self-criticism

You seem to focus on and magnify the discomfort you feel.

Fear of failure

People with a negative mindset tend to limit themselves

A lack of self-connection

Rewire your brain to find all the good in your life

The 4 pillars of a Youlosophy plan:


Our programs include methods and techniques featured in:


Scientifically proven benefits of journaling:

  • Helps the brain regulate emotions
  • Reduces stress
  • Helps develop self-confidence
  • Strengthens memory
  • Improves mood
  • Develops thinking
  • Integrate yourself better with others and the world as a whole