Your Journey to Self-Esteem: A Guided 21-Day Journal

Boost your self-esteem with our science-based 21-day journal
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Fall in love with yourself in 21 days!

Day 1: you will begin by taking a digital detox.

Day 2: you will practice self-approval

Day 3: you will detach yourself from your labels

Day 4: you will stop comparing yourself to others

Day 5: you will accept your imperfections

Day 6: you will practice positive thinking

Day 7: you will learn to watch out for self-deprecation

Good job! You will take a break and track your progress so far.

Day 8: you will list and appreciate your strengths

Day 9: you will tackle any self-image distorsions

Day 10:you will work on praising your achievements

Day 11:you will practice changing perspectives

Day 12: you will train yourself for self-love

Day 13: you will re-write your inner dialogue

Day 14: you will practice appreciation for unexpected results

By the end of week 2, you will already feel like a new person. Time for a check-up before you enter the last stage of the program

Day 15: you will reinforce your self-confidence

Day 16: you will envision the person you want to be

Day 17: you will learn to make time for yourself

Day 18: you will practice rewarding yourself

Day 19: you will look around you and count your blessings

Day 20: you will explore the world outside your comfort zone

Day 21: you will design your dream roadmap for the new person you are now

You’ve made it! You will close your 3-week self-esteem training with a self-assessment test, and will decide where to go next.


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The workbook includes illustrated daily challenges and journaling prompts, to keep you motivated and inspired all the way. Add a name on the cover and a personal note inside!

Do You Love Yourself Enough?

A low self-esteem is like driving a race car with the breaks on. The potential is there, but we sabotage our chances to succeed. We know there’s a problem, but can’t seem to find a solution. Have you ever felt like this?
This course combines science-based methods and journaling prompts to boost your self-esteem and help you fall in love with yourself.

Invest 5 minutes per day

...and achieve lifelong results
72% of people claim they abandoned other self-growth plans because they were too time-consuming or required big lifestyle changes.
This programme is designed to achieve big results through tiny habit changes

You Need a Self-Esteem Boost If…

  • You are over critical about yourself
  • You ignore your achievements
  • You enter toxic relationships
  • You always blame yourself when things go wrong
  • You think others are always better than you
  • You don’t think you deserve to have fun
  • You have trouble saying “no”
  • You avoid big goals because you don’t trust yourself

Benefits of the Self-Esteem Program

  • Less fear and anxiety
  • Feel more motivated
  • Develop resilience
  • Improve your relationships
  • Be more authentic
  • Have a sense of purpose
  • Make better decisions
  • Understand your value
  • Succeed more
  • Be ready to help others

“The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.”

Mark Twain


You Deserve a More Fulfilling Life

If you are tired of missing chances, feeling unworthy or being in toxic relationships, it’s time you get the program that will help you fall in love with yourself.
This best-selling workbook consists of 21 chapters with 5-minute activities based on neuroscience, cognitive behavioural therapy and positive psychology, plus daily journaling prompts that promote reflection and build new habits.



Builds positive habits


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Why take this program?

"21 Days to Fall In Love With Yourself", our best-selling self-esteem program, translates science-based methods into easy to follow daily challenges. Microlearning is combined with guided journaling to help you strengthen your self-love gradually and stay motivated all the way to day 21.

It works because it's so easy

“I struggled with acceptance issues since I was a child. I felt I was totally worthless and didn’t feel I had the strength to tackle big changes in my life. My Youlosophy program proposed tiny daily challenges that felt reachable, and I started getting better without even noticing it. I have fallen in love with myself, at last. If you feel at all like I used to, I seriously recommend you get this book now”.
Julia, London

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Personalize your journal now and let the transformation begin.
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The journal includes science-based methods featured in:


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A daily reminder to love yourself

I love the book, it is a good support for those who want to focus more on their needs and positive activities. It supports me in my daily self-care.
Debbie, Oxford 

Great for myself and a great gift

I am super excited about the guided journals! I highly recommend them. I got one for myself and one for my sister, and we both feel a boost in our self-confidence levels
Martha, London

I just didn't like who I was

This programme helped me take a step back and reflect on myself. The daily quotes and affirmations totally transformed my mindset.
Richard, Dublin

Stop doubting yourself!

This plan helped me overcome my constant self-criticism. I finally see the worth in what I do without wanting to be perfect all the time.
Felicity, Brighton

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Get your program and read the instructions

Tackle one challenge a day, for 3 weeks. (Most take 5-10 minutes)

Complete a guided journaling page every day

Take a self-assessment check-in every week

Finish your program, but keep journaling!

Neuroscience, to rewire your brain and build positive habits

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, to replace any limiting belief

Positive Psychology, to practice gratitude and kindness

The challenges take 5-10 minutes. The benefits last a lifetime.

Daily challenges promote growth, and journaling encourages introspection

New inspiring quotes and positive affirmations every day

Practice gratitude and develop a positive, abundant mindset


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