Love Yourself Every Day: a Personalized Guided Journal

90 days of guided journaling that will boost your self-esteem

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- You are over critical about yourself, and tend to think others are better than you.

- You avoid dreaming big because you don’t trust yourself

- You enter toxic or co-dependent relationships. You blame yourself when things go wrong.

- You will feel less anxiety and more motivated

- You will develop a sense of purpose, and feel more aligned with your authentic self

- You will get rid of labels, accept yourself for who you are, and enjoy every moment of your life, free of unrealistic expectations and self-doubt

- You will develop the habit of gratitude, which will attract better opportunities, experiences and relationships to your life

Journaling has science-proven benefits for your mental and physical health. But facing a blank page every day feels daunting to most people. Our guided 90-day journals focus on habit-building. It only takes 5 minutes a day to complete a prompt written by experts. As days go by you will gradually develop a higher level of self-compassion and acceptance.

We have the life we believe we deserve

Our experts-recommended journal will transform the way you see yourself and boost your self-confidence. It will take you a few minutes per day, and the results will last a lifetime


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“The first place where self-esteem begins its journey is within us.”

― Stephen Richards

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A daily reminder to love yourself

I love the book, it is a good support for those who want to focus more on their needs and positive activities. It supports me in my daily self-care.
Debbie, Oxford

Great for myself and a great gift

I am super excited about the guided journals! I highly recommend them. I got one for myself and one for my sister, and we both feel a boost in our self-confidence levels
Martha, London

I just didn't like who I was

This book helped me take a step back and reflect on myself. The daily quotes and affirmations totally transformed my mindset.
Darcy, Dublin

Stop doubting yourself!

This guided journal helped me overcome my constant self-criticism. I finally see the worth in what I do without wanting to be perfect all the time
Felicity, Brighton

The Self-Esteem journal includes science-backed methods featured in: