Conquer your Fears

Conquer your Fears

The things that scare you the most are the keys to awakening your inner superhero.

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• Become aware of who you are. Write down your skills, accom- plishments, strengths, and weak- nesses. Try to be as objective as possible.

• List your fears. Ask yourself if they are real or just your imagina- tion playing tricks on you.
• Measure your losses. List what you are not doing because of fear. You will be able to see how 
much potential you are sacrificingbecause of these limitations.


Psychologists and neurosci- entists have found that the amygdala tends to panic less if you are reminded that you are or could be loved.

Keeping pictures of loved ones close by can be a great charm to keep fears at bay when they arise. Give it a try!

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