Cultivate new Habits

Cultivate new Habits

Now that you've made it this far, learn how to keep on the right track and hold on to success.

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• Choose one or more habits from the suggested list.
• Schedule a time of day for the activity. • Keep a positive attitude. After all, see- ing the glass half empty is a choice.
• Each time you accomplish something small, positively reinforce your accom- plishment with something that makes you happy.
• Make a list on the next page of the habits you want to include in your life and repeat the points above.


• Get up early and start to be a productivity machine. • Stay active. Incorporate a healthy and - of course - sustainable activity routine. • Eat healthy. The goal

is to incorporate healthy habits into your diet such as eating a good breakfast or avoiding processed foods. • Strengthen your relation- ships. Practice empathic listening or simply bombard them with love. Strengthen bonds.
• Read. It's a kind of 
mental fitness that activates specific neural circuits in your brain that prevent cognitive decline.
• Exercise gratitude. Appreciating what you
have and being grateful with humility will make you cheerful and optimistic, strengthen your immune system and your empathic capacity.

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