Do a Digital Detox

Do a Digital Detox

Social media robs us of our ability to be productive, empathetic, and original. Take this capsule and start thinking for yourself again.

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• Pick a time of day to be in your digital world and use social media sparingly.
• Limit your online activity to 30 minutes a day. Some studies say this improves personal well-being and reduces symp- toms of loneliness and depression.

• Turn off notifications. It takes time to regain focus after getting a notification. Almost all devices can do this.
• Want more? Delete all the social media apps on your phone to help avoid the temptation to glance at your ex's 


• Keep track of your digital detox adventure. Have you started your journal yet?

• Let people know you're logging off for a while.
• Keep an alternative plan kit on hand to main- tain your digital sobriety when the urge strikes.

Let us put together a custom plan to ignite your super powers! Take the quiz now!

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