Do your Happy Dance

Do your Happy Dance

Sometimes, the best way to get rid of the blues is just to shake them off. Pick this capsule for a full-tempo warm-up!

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• You may start by visiting our suggest- ed “Happy Playlist.” Pick a song you like, play it out loud, and allow your body to move as it pleases. The more you move, the better you’ll feel.

• It’s time to curate your own playlist. Start by adding at least 5 songs that have never failed to make you happy to the list below. Save the playlist on your streaming service.

• Schedule a day in your calendar when you will begin your “dance therapy.” On that day, dance for at least one song. Keep going daily until you can move your body comfortably for at least 15 minutes. We guarantee you will feel joy sooner than you expect it.

Sounds too embarrassing? perfect! Stepping out of your comfort zone is a powerful way to activate your best self. So do it more often :-)

Let us put together a custom plan to ignite your super powers! Take the quiz now!

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