Fall in Love with Yourself

Fall in Love with Yourself

Working on building your self-esteem is beneficial for your mental health, essential for growth, and (according to science) addictive.

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• Writedownthethingsyouloveabout yourself. It could be the color of your eyes, the way you dance when no one is watch- ing, or the sound of your laughter when you're having fun. Writing them down will allow you to better remember and visualize them.

• Calltwopeoplewhoseopinionsarevery important to you and ask them to give you three reasons why they like you. Keep these in mind and repeat them like a mantra when you wake up in the morning. This will strengthen your self-perception and trigger a series of positive emotions.


If being alone with your- self seems overwhelm- ing, consider joining a meditation retreat and let others guide you on the path to self-love.

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