Keep a Journal

Keep a Journal

A journal will help you get to know your inner hero. Read over your notes when you need to clarify your thoughts

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• Choose a format. It can be a Moles- kine notebook, an app, a box to store photos and clippings in, etc.
• Decide if it will be private or public (a blog is also a good way to keep a diary.) • Start now and get into the habit of entering content every few days.

• Review your entries at least once a month. Don't judge what you wrote.


• Write regularly, every day if possible. Write in the first person so you can take responsibility for what you put on paper. You'll soon become more aware of your lifestyle habits.

• Have a set of ques- tions handy that you know will help you to think clearly when the words just aren't coming out. Be careful not to limit your spontaneity. You are not keeping a journal to judge yourself, but rather to have a space to express yourself freely.

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