Look for Inspiration

Look for Inspiration

Enough with the influencers! What your superhero needs is inspi- ration. In this capsule, we suggest you adopt a role model.

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• Make a list of people who you admire or inspire you in some way without think- ing too much about it.
Next, highlight five people who you find most influential. Next to each one, list the qualities you find admirable or inspiring.

• In a third column, write down the ways in which you could develop these skills. • Choose one of these people and suggest that you spend some time together this week. Ask them to lunch, take a walk, or just talk on the phone for a while.


If you're still stuck, adopt Mohammed's plan and go to the mountains yourself. Sign up for interesting events and participate

in activities where you know there are interesting people. Every city, big or small, has endless options where you can meet people. If that's still not clear, grab your computer and get inspired by a TED Talk marathon.

Let us put together a custom plan to ignite your super powers! Take the quiz now!


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