Love Bomb!

Love Bomb!

When you connect with others, you allow the connection to grow from the absolute availability of your time and your heart.

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• Start small. Write down the names of 3 people you think you can connect with.
• Organize an adventure. Set aside a 
specific time and design a complete experience for the other person in a particular love zone.

• Start with the first person on your list. Your goal is to generate closeness.
• Show how you feel, but do it in a particular way by allowing your "target"to decide the direction of the 
experience throughout.


Different ways to give and receive love:

• Words of encourage- ment: the ultimate love language. It never fails.
• Physical contact: a hug or a caress says more than anything.

• Acts of service: actions are more important than words. Saying is doing.
 Quality time: here, what counts is to give the other person your full attention.

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