No pain, No Gain

No pain, No Gain

We've designed a series of exercises for you that will activate your superpowers.

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• Choose the activity on the next page that you like the most. Make it one that you can turn into a habit (“swimming in the sea” is of little use unless you go to the beach 7 days a year.)

• Commit 30 days. To start the activity (or resume it), do not think long term because it will feel more uphill.
• Have fun. To build a habit, it is essen- tial that you have a good time and want to keep doing it.

• Create a routine that is realistic. Going to the gym during your meal- time may sound doable, but it will be difficult and you will soon quit going altogether.


Exercise releases endorphins, which can help you solve problems and in- crease creativity.

Let us put together a custom plan to ignite your super powers! Take the quiz now!

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