Ohmmm (meditate)

Ohmmm (meditate)

Meditation puts your mind to rest while activating its potential at the same time. Incorporate this practice as a daily habit and watch your productivity soar.

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  • Start with a 5-minute meditation.

  • Settle down in an undisturbed place. You can lie down or sit.
    • Check your posture until you elim- inate any tension points. If you are in a place where you cannot close your 
    eyes, look at a fixed point at least 50 cm away.

    • Focus on your breathing. Use a rhythm that feels natural to you until you reach a deep, steady rhythm.
    • Monitor your attention. Your mind 
    will notice an emptiness and try to fill it with thoughts.

    • To complete this capsule, meditate for at least 5 days.


Try compassionate medi- tation, a Tibetan practice that focuses on empathy. You can also sign up for a meditation retreat, some last up to a month and are 100% silent.


If absolute stillness makes you uncomfortable, try Tai Chi. It combines physical and mental exercises and is suitable for all ages.

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