Tame your Watch

Tame your Watch

Are you juggling your schedule and never getting everything done? Don't waste any more precious minutes and start your watch. 1, 2, 3, go!

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• For 4 days, write down everything you do. Recording your activities will allow you to analyze whether you should cut back on the time you spend saving mos- quitoes in distress.

• Choose a planner, either physical
or digital. There's nothing like writing things down to better visualize them and remember what you need to do.
• Adopt a method. You can devise a new one or try the ones suggested in 
this book. Focus on finding what works for you and only you. Try and, if neces- sary, make mistakes, but don't give up.


If you're a superhero 2.0 and hate keeping track
of your activities, down- load one of these apps to organize your activities: Wunderlist, Remember the Milk, or TodIst. You'll also love Flipd.


Try the Pomodoro Technique:
- Divide your time into 25-minute blocks (po- modoros) and devote your full attention to one topic.
- After each pomodoro, rest for 5 minutes. Re- peat.
- After 4 pomodoros, take a slightly longer break.

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