Why you should start being more grateful

Why you should start being more grateful

There is much more to expressing and receiving gratitude than you might think. Read more to find out why you should develop this powerful habit that can help you build a life you can truly love.

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Thank You! (We’ve been practicing gratitude all week long at Youlosophy, and by now we’re hooked on it.)

According to a Harvard study gratitude is associated with greater happiness: "it helps feel more positive emotions, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships".

We are surrounded by an endless wave of information, but our brain only picks a limited amount, which we perceive as “reality”. This filtered, biased version of the Universe is what we base our decisions on. If there are better opportunities, healthier options, more interesting relationships out there, we just can't see them.

When we exercise gratitude, we focus on the opportunities and ignore whatever is useless to us. Gratitude elevates us above negative feelings and propels us into a positive spiral.

Developing this habit is not an easy task. But we have a plan! "21 Days to Discover Yourself" is a neurosciences-based workbook with activities to design a life you can fall in love with. It includes a Gratitude log so you can develop this powerful habit.

We are so grateful for our community members, that here's a 30% discount for you. You may personalise the workbook with a name and dedication note, and send it to loved ones.


Self Discovery Book Cover

Thanks again! We love you.

Diego, Youlosophy Founder

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