Youlosophy and the mental health of young people

Youlosophy and the mental health of young people

This significant and timely topic marks the beginning of our blog series in which we would like to introduce our strong partners. Proudly and happily, we begin this heartfelt project today.

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How we can help

Georgina Reichelt from Kopfsachen e.V in Berlin teaches the basics of mental health literacy to young people. Her association for the promotion of young people's mental health emphasises the increasingly important role of mindfulness and self-care, even in younger target groups. In order to work on these topics more deeply and to achieve personal growth also in the long term, our low-threshold journals of Youlosophy are to be applied in her workshops and coaching sessions. Regarding the collaboration, Georgina Reichelt comments as follows:

"In our work at Kopfsachen e.V., we want to empower young people in their competent handling of mental health. In doing so, we never stop learning ourselves and always receive important suggestions through the workshops and contact with the students. However, it is also important for us to deal with our personal needs and values in order to be able to pass on this skill competently. Since the difficult thing about self-care is that you have to take care of it yourself, we are happy about the supporting instructions of the Youlosophy Journal "21 Days to Discover Yourself". We use the impulses to strengthen our own mindfulness, self-esteem and reflection without focusing on self-optimisation."

The Logo of Kopfsachen e.V., that is focusing on the mental health of young people

The Logo of Kopsachen e.V. Berlin

Self-discovery in every situation

Our 21-day self-discovery programme is based on the principles of neuroplasticity. It is about "training" the brain with short, daily tasks in order to bring about lasting change. Through the rewiring of our synapses and the accompanying structural change of our thoughts, new routines and learning processes should emerge. In 3 weeks, a foundation for the development of new habits is to be formed.

Each day, i.e. each challenge in our books, consists of two parts: A call to action to tackle an individual problem or a specific area of life and a reflection and gratitude opportunity.

Youlosophy - The philosophy of you

The story of Youlosophy begins, like so many others, tragically. It starts with the nagging feeling that nothing you have achieved is enough and that somewhere in the world more must be waiting for you. The result of leaving everything behind and starting anew on the other side of the earth are our "21-Day-books". Based on the findings on neuronal plasticity as well as numerous neuroscientific facts and studies around psychology, they tackle all that our journey into the unknown has taught us.

The mental health of young people

Young people in particular are increasingly plagued by fears for the future, caused by natural disasters, climate change and global conflicts. This makes it all the more important to keep an eye on the mental health of adolescents. Professional support for young people throughout their lives and the promotion of targeted reflection skills are essential. Being there for our young people, listening and offering an opportunity for self-expression are topics we are passionate about. That is why the Kopfsachen e.V project is particularly close to our hearts at Youlosophy.

A starting point for a life you love

Cover des Buchs Super Bowl - Das Rezept für ein besseres Leben

In order to be able to reach our young target group in a more targeted way, we offer an absolute novelty in our assortment: the book "Super Bowl - The recipe for a better life" is a jump-start to a mindful life. It helps young people to develop a clear vision for their lives, to set appropriate goals and ultimately to achieve them. Including colourful drawings, psychological facts and challenging activities close to the reality of young adults' lives, we proudly present our brand new journal.

Become a Youlosophy Partner

Can we also support you in your project? In addition to a wide range of books on various topics, Youlosophy also offers an excellent partner programme. Get in touch with us here or on WhatsApp. We will be happy to discuss with you all the possibilities for a collaboration tailored to your needs. This includes our affiliate programme, great offers and collaboration on interesting and innovative projects.

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