21 Days to Fall in Love with Yourself

The program everybody is talking about! Invest 3 weeks in getting to know yourself better, practicing acceptance and planning for the life you want and deserve

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21 Days to Discover Yourself

Neuroscience-based microlearning challenges are combined with mindfulness and journalism to help you discover the real you

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21 Days to End Procrastination

Understand the behavioral pattern behind your procrastination habits and re-wire your brain to get things done right away!.


21 Days to overcome a breakup

Have you already said goodbye to him, but you can't forget him? Here is a 3-week programme to get him out of your head.


21 Days to your Best Version

Get a clear vision of your short- and long-term goals and upgrade every area in your life in only 3 weeks


21 Days to Abundance

Unlock a life of abundance with our best-selling 21 day journal!

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21 Days to Ignite Joy

Our best-selling program with daily micro-challenges and journaling pages to help anyone in any situation smile again

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21 Days to Beat Stress

A neurosciences-based 3-week training that combines daily microchallenges with habits-building journalism pages so you stress less and enjoy more of life


90 Days of Gratitude

helps you develop this powerful habit through daily journaling prompts and inspirational quotes. Practicing gratitude consistently helps rewire your brain to focus on what you already have in your life, instead of what you think you lack.

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You are fantastic

Kids who feel good about themselves have the confidence to try new things. They are more likely to try their best. They feel proud of what they can do. Self-esteem helps kids cope with mistakes. It helps kids try again, even if they fail at first.