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Grow self-confidence in 21 days with our science-based guided journal
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I feel like an entirely new person!

Every module I completed on this journal got me closer to the best version of myself. I had never felt this good before.
Anne, Bristol

Look inside the Embrance your inner champion

Struggle with self-confidence? Our guided journal can help. It's based on neuroscience, CBT, and positive psychology. In 21 days, you'll see a change. You'll feel more confident and aligned with your true self. Are you ready to unleash your best self?

Program Contents

Day 1: Your will learn to identify your strengths

Day 2: You will reflect on failures and lessons learned

Day 3: Your task will be about resilience

Day 4: You will list your 20 top achievements

Day 5: We will help you feel empowered

Day 6: You will learn to prioritize yourself

Day 7: You will tackle Impostor Syndrome

At the end of Week 1, you will have a check-in to assess your progress.

Day 8: The week begins with an Inner Child exercise

Day 9: You will deal with feelings of shame and guilt

Day 10: We will build a Wall of Trust together

Day 11: You will confront bad memories

Day 12: We’ll devote the day to self-care

Day 13: What fills your cup? We’ll find out

Day 14: You will start a gratitude practice

The end of Week 2 will bring another self-assessment check-up.

Day 15: Last week! We’ll start working on expectations

Day 16: We’ll guide you through a Blue Skying exercise

Day 17: You will set goals and plans

Day 18: Who supports you? We’ll make a list

Day 19: You will escape the perfectionist quicksand

Day 20: We’ll revise your plan and make adjustments

Day 21: You will celebrate your achievements

As soon as you finish the program, you will take another check-in and we’ll find out how you should continue your personal growth journey.


Frequently Asked Questions

- You are over critical about yourself, and tend to think others are better than you.

- You avoid dreaming big because you don’t trust yourself

- You enter toxic or codependent relationships. You blame yourself when things go wrong.

- You will feel less anxiety and more motivated

- You will develop a sense of purpose, and feel more aligned with your authentic self

- You will get rid of labels, accept yourself for who you are, and enjoy every moment of your life, free of unrealistic expectations and self-doubt

- You will develop the habit of gratitude, which will attract better opportunities, experiences and relationships to your life

Journaling has science-proven benefits for your mental and physical health. But facing a blank page every day feels daunting to most people. Guided journals make personal growth easy by translating methods used by neuroscience, cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology into everyday, 5-minute exercises. This program includes 3 guided journals, each designed by mental health experts to tackle a different aspect of self-esteem.

You build the life you believe you deserve

Our experts-recommended journal will transform the way you see yourself and boost your self-confidence. It will take you a few minutes per day, and the results will last a lifetime


Can you invest 5 minutes a day in your happiness?

Grow self-confidence in 21 days with our science-based guided journal
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“The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself”

Mark Twain

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A daily reminder to love yourself

I loved all three journals! The Inner Critic module was a tough start for me, but soon enough I was hooked on journaling. Can’t wait for my next Youlosophy course.
Anne, Leeds

Great for myself and a great gift

I am super excited about the guided journals! I highly recommend them. I got one for myself and one for my sister, and we both feel a boost in our self-confidence levels
Martha, Liverpool

I just didn't like who I was

This book helped me take a step back and reflect on myself. The daily quotes and affirmations totally transformed my mindset.
Darcy, London

Stop doubting yourself!

This guided journal helped me overcome my constant self-criticism. I finally see the worth in what I do without wanting to be perfect all the time
Felicity, Dublin

The Self Confidence Journal includes science-backed methods featured in: