All personalized products are made-to-order, which means they are produced on-demand based on your specifications and take 40hs to 72hs to be ready for shipment (ie. hardcovers take a day longer than softcovers).

Check your final shipping quotes an options after entering your address at Checkout.

We have partnered with several delivery experts worldwide to ensure our personalized books get to their readers as fast as possible. We have several years’ experience delivering happiness across the globe, even during very busy periods.

How long will it take to get my order?

We generally print and dispatch all personalized books 5 business days after receiving payment. Delivery times vary depending on the place in the world where your personalized book needs to go.

Please keep in mind that unlike other products sold online, we print each book especially for you. Nothing is waiting around at a warehouse! While we do every possible effort to get our books to you as soon as possible, these are estimated times only.

Some Shipping estimates: 

Digital & PDF - Instant Download


Standard - 10-15 workdays - € 4.90

DHL (with tracking) - 6-12 workdays -  € 9.90


Royal Mail - 10-15 workdays - € 3.90

Royal Mail 48hs (with tracking) - 5-10 workdays  - € 5.90


Deustche Post - 6-12 workdays - € 3.90

DHL (with tracking) - 4-10 workdays - € 6.90

Rest of the UE:

Standard (no tracking) - 10-15 workdays - € 4.90

DHL (with tracking) - 6-12 workdays - € 8.90-10.9


Standard (no tracking) - 10-15 workdays - € 6.90

DHL (with tracking) - 6-12 workdays -  € 14.90