Don't worry, be happy!

This program is based on neuroscience, written by experts, and inspired by you. We promise you will feel more joyful in 3 weeks. Are you up to the challenge?

I never felt this happy

I thought happyness was this overarching feeling of just always being 100% happy. But sometimes it is about the small moments in life, a cute dog, some nice flowers or even just the sun shining - In these three weeks I learned to appreciate those moments!
Birdie, U.K.

The 21-day programme

A Mindfulness Journal is the guide that helps you reach any goal and become the best version of yourself, through daily science-based challenges and journaling prompts. Once you complete a journal, you end up with a crystal-clear, personal roadmap to the life you want.

The habits of journaling and practicing gratitude have been scientifically proven to regulate emotions, strengthen health and reduce stress. All while promoting self-awareness and self-esteem. Feels like magic, but it's science.

When you turn gratitude into a habit, you re-wire your brain to focus on the positiive. This triggers a chain reaction that starts with higher happiness levels and leads to attracting abundance in every area of your life. You have to try it to believe it!

Take a look inside!

The workbook includes illustrated daily challenges and journaling prompts, to keep you motivated and inspired all the way. Add a name on the cover and a personal note inside!

The Gift that will be cherished forever

Send someone a personalised journal and let them know you truly care and wish them all the happiness in the world. When you gift someone a Youlosophy journal, you are giving them a precious tool to achieve the life of their dreams. Who wouldn't just love that?

Re-wire your brain and see your life change


Illustrated challenges and journaling prompts


Speedy worldwide delivery


Digital Version

Don't postpone your personal growth another minute! Get the digital version of our mindfulness journal and embark on a life-changing journey right away.

Upgrade to hardcover available


70+ pages based on neurosciences and CBT


Immediate access to all contents after purchase

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Hardcover Book

Our beautiful hardcover edition is printed in eco-friendly premium paper and has a soft-touch cover. But it's what you'll write inside that will make this book a memorable keepsake!

A tailor-made hardcover


Contains day-by-day instructions to re-wire your brain


Speedy worldwide delivery options

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Programme contents

Digital detox

Sweet dreams

Go on small walks every day

Improve your diet

Belly laughs

Do a happy dance

Ohmmm (Meditate)


How do you see the glass?

Positive affirmation


Give yourself a big "like"

Draw your joy map

Stop complaining already!

Let go of the past


Start a garden

Find allies

Go wild!

Make some art!

Show kindness to those around you

Explore and grow!

Adopt a healthy habit



What our marvelous Youlosophers say about us

A daily reminder to love yourself

I love the book, it is a good support for those who want to focus more on their needs and positive activities. It supports me in my daily self-care.
Liane, Germany

Great for myself and a great gift

I am super excited about the diaries and highly recommend them. I bought one for myself and one as a gift for my sister and we both say that we have already noticed positive changes in our self-image.
Celine, Germany

Take look at yourself

This journal taught me to take a step back and reflect about myself. The daily quotes were an easy segue to get in to the right state of mind.
Jorge, Spain

Stop doubting yourself

Working with this journal helped me get deal with the constant self-criticism. I am finally able to see the worth in what I do without beating myself up and wanting to be perfect all the time.
Hannah, UK

Write away and feel better!

Journaling regularly helps you connect with your subsconscious needs, fears and goals.

Strengthen your health and reduce stress

Journaling helps managing stress and lowers the impact of physical stress on your health.
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Work on your Self Confidence

Writing about self-confidence allows your mind to develop new, positive thought patterns that improve your daily life.
learn more

Improve your Memory and Thoughts

Learn a more structured, adaptive and integrated way of thinking about yourself, others and the world.
create yours

Frequent questions

Youlosophy is a global platform for mental wellness with the mission to help people everywhere build a life they can truly fall in love with. We make personal development and habit-building easy, accessible and most of the times, quite fun. Most of our methods are based on neuroscience and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), combined with journaling and mindfulness practices.

You will just love how simple and fast the whole process is. Just pick a title from our ever-growing catalogue. Enter the name you want printed on the cover and an optional dedication note (our journals make unforgettable gifts), and you're almost there! Pick a format (digital or print), pay for your order, and that's it! Digital versions are instantly ready for download to any computer, tablet or phone. Our beautfiul hardcovers are printed on demand right away and are delivered anywhere in the world in just a few days.

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